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Review the Past, Plan the Present, Design the Future.

Review the Past…

It’s been quite a while since I first decided this was the year I would build an app. In fact, it’s been about four years. It’s easy to start, just find a great book on the language of your choice (Swift for me), work through it, gain a sense of achievement as you complete the chapters and develop the books’ ongoing project and hey presto, you find you know something. Then you forget….

So you buy another great book (they have to be great books), repeat the process and this time you make an effort to actually develop a real app. Trouble is, life gets in the way and… you forget stuff.

Now, several years on, I’ve successfully built two apps, they’re not great, but they are robust and do what they are designed to do, heck, I even have a few thousand users. I achieved this because I’d learnt enough to muddle my way through the combination of Swift 2, Xcode 7.0 and iOS 9. Yet now, my tools of choice have continually developed, just to maintain my apps I’d find myself spending more time on Google than I’d like - I’m familiar with a lot of great reference websites, because yet again, I’ve forgot stuff.

Plan the Present…

So the world has moved on and today my choice tools stand at Swift 5.1, Xcode 11.0 and iOS 13.5 (oh, and there’s Swift UI) - yet again all is different! But over the last few months I’ve really found my passion again. In starting this blog, I’m making a commitment to myself to become the software developer I’ve should have become several years ago.

The plan’s already started, I’m working my way through the Ray Wenderlich ( iOS & Swift Learning Paths (again), I’m getting mentoring advice as I progress through Swift challenges on ( and I’ve found a select few podcasts on creativity and the principles of productivity to help me on my journey… things are looking good.

Design the future…

I’m taking small steps in designing my future, as long as I consistently keep moving forward, I'll make progress - consistency is a superpower! So over the next few months I want to achieve three things, all of which will overlap:

1) Complete the five iOS & Swift learning paths on

2) Complete the 11 core exercises in the Swift language track at (And try cracking some of 72 extra exercises that are available).

3) Update this blog with my progress and try to built it into a useful reference source for others starting out on their iOS software development paths.

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